Peter Yeates & Nick Voreas

This album was recorded in 1976 on a vinyl LP

Peter played Guitar, Banjo and Bodhrán
Nick Voreas played Concertina, Tin Whistle and Bodhrán.
Side One:
Reynard the Fox
Reels: Mountain Top; Pidgeon on the Gate
Sally Brown; Hornpipe; Madam Bonaparte
Leezy Lindsay
Jigs: Patsy Geary's; Garrett Barry
Biddy McGrath
Side Two:
This Town is Not Their Own
Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
Reel: Swallowtail
The Leaving of Liverpool
Follow Me Up to Carlow
Reels:Boys of Ballynahinch; The Sally Gardens

The guest musicians on the album were: Rich Gillette, Jim Cronin, Terry Prohaska, & Lynn Prohaska.

Produced by: Peter Yeates

Engineered by: Steve Huegli

Recorded at Spring River Studios, Beaverton, OR

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