Peter Yeates: Live in the Rose City

This album was recorded live on March 31st, 1990 on cassette only.

Peter Yeates played Guitar, Mandolin
Terry Prohaska played Guitar, Autoharp and Harmonica
Rich Gillette played Banjo

Side One
Reynard the Fox
Fairy Story
Johnny Jump Up
Bonnie Bessie Logan
Miracle at Knock

Side Two
Streets of London
Bridie Murphy
Follow me up to Carlow
Across The Playroom Floor

Now this was a new tape, being live, he couldn't use old recordings. So he did the next best thing, he recorded old songs. This tape is special in that it's the first recording of Across the Playroom Floor, which Peter says is the most expensive song he's ever written. He and a friend wrote it over the phone, long distance from Iowa to Oregon.

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