Peter Yeates: Just To Get By

This album was recorded on cassette only.

Peter Yeates played Guitar, Mandolin & Banjo
Steve Mulligan played Bass ,Guitar, Bass Pedals, & Bodhrán
Mike Wallace played Guitar & Bodhrán
Bob Cook played Banjo & Synthesizer

Side One
Dublin Jack of All Trades
Honor Bright
Donnegal Danny
Parnell Square
The Crack Was Ninety in The Isle Of Man

Side Two
Try For The Sun
Rare Oul' Times
Mary Ellen Carter
Streets Of London

This was Peter's first tape after the Old Triangle split. It's mostly Old Triangle tracks with Peter singing lead, but there are a couple of other tunes including a new song by Peter, kinda; Parnell Square. It's a country tune by John Ryle that Peter didn't like the words to so he wrote new ones.

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