Kells Irish Pub: From The Heart

This album was recorded on CD only.

Peter Yeates played Guitar
Ken Larson played Bodhran and Brushed Bodhrán

The songs done by Peter & Ken were:

Spanish Lady- Pete on Guitar and Vocal , Ken on Brushed Bodhrán and Backup Vocal
I Wish they'd do it Now- Ken on Bodhran and Vocal , Pete on Guitar and Backup Vocal
Johnny Jump Up- Pete on Guitar and Vocal, Ken on Bodhrán,
Cary Novotney on Guitar, Grif on Fiddle(both Cary and Grif are from Cul An Ti),
Neil Anderson on Tin Whistle, Nick Watson on Bongos (both neil and nick are from 7 Nations)

These three tracks , and some of the others, were recorded live at the Kells Irish Pub in Portland, OR in November 1996

The bands on the CD consist of:
7 Nations
Peter Yeates & Ken Larson
Cu Lan Ti
The Makem Brothers
Tom May
Cronin & The Foggy Dudes
Ken Larson & Peter Yeates
McAleese & Douglis
James McNally

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