Full Shilling: Full Shilling

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This album was recorded on CD only.

Peter Yeates played Guitar
Steve Mulligan played Guitar
Skip Parente played Fiddle
Robbie Barrick played Bass & Bagpipes
Rob McKendrick played Drums, Keyboards & Bazouki
Alan Walters played Scottish Smallpipes
Nick Voreas played Flute & Tin Whistle
Julie Stanton sang Backup Vocals

Caroline's Jig - 9/12 split - Biddy from Sligo
Honor Bright
Amanda Lynn-Ponderosa Cone Chucker - Bridgewater Corners
James Miranda Barry
The Long Note - Harry O'
Johnny Jump Up
After All is said and Done
Across The Playroom Floor
My Home/Mason's Apron/O'Dowds Reel
Mr McArthur

This CD is basically the Eye of the Beholder with Honor Bright on it and a few other instrumental tunes re-recorded to allow Alan Walters to play. All in all it's a great album, a little mellower than Eye but still a lot of fun.

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