Full Shilling: Eye of the Beholder

This album was recorded on cassette only.

Peter Yeates played Guitar
Steve Mulligan played Guitar
Skip Parente played Fiddle
Robbie Barrick played Bass & Bagpipes
Rob McKendrick played Drums
Nick Voreas played Flute & Tin Whistle
Julie Stanton sang Backup Vocals

Side One
Amanda Lynn
James Miranda Barry
The Long Note
Johnny Jump Up

Side Two
After All is said and Done
Across The Playroom Floor
My Home/Mason's Apron/O'Dowds Reel
Mr McArthur

This was a great tape, Just the right mixture of Celtic and Rock, The Bagpipes, Fiddle and Flute, carried the tunes over the Rocking backbeat played by the rest of the group. There are two of Peter's originals Across the Playroom Floor & After all is said and Done and two Steve Mulligan originals James Miranda Barry & Mr. McArthur. Skip Parente wrote a few of the instrumental tunes also.

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