Peter Yeates: Back In The Middle

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This album is available on CD and Cassette.

Peter Yeates played Guitar
Skip Parente played Fiddle, Cello & Mandolin
Robbie Barrick played Acoustic & Electric Bass
Billy Oskay played Fiddle & Harmonium
Tom Creegan played Uillean Pipes
Robert Leon played Piano
Ken Larson played Bodhrán
Tim Darby played Resophonic Guitar
Justin Franzino played Piano Accordion

    Track List
    Back in the Middle
    Honor Bright
    All Right By Me
    Brilliant Love Affair
    Ballad Of Ned Roche
    I Can't Let Maggie Go
    A Handsome Cabin Boy
    Anna Livia
    Part Of Me
    Across The Playroom Floor
    Christmas Memories

This album is mostly of Peter Yeates original songs with the exception of I can't Let Maggie Go and A handsome Cabin Boy(The former is a song from the one-hit-wonder band Honey Bus and the latter is a traditional tune.) It's a great album and I'm not just saying that 'cause I played on it

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