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Here's a just a little information about the bodhráns I use:

I perform these days with Michael Vignoles' Angler tunable bodhráns.
I have two, a 16" bodhrán that I was bequeathed by my friend and former bandmate Michael Matheny, and an 18" Claddagh that I ordered in early 2018.
Great tone and very quick tuners in these drums.

I used to perform with Buck bodhráns, but they seem to have stopped production.

They were the sturdiest, most well made bodhráns I'd ever seen, they're constructed from solid pieces of hardwood and have very fine quality skins. I own four Buck bodhráns, three standard (Two oak and with a Cherrywood shell) and one tunable with a White Oak shell.

The Buck tunable bodhrán is a wonder of modern day ingenuity, it works with an internal oak ring and cams, when you turn the cams the ring presses against the head raising the tone. Livng in a humid area, this drum has been a lifesaver. When you find yourself in the middle of a show and your drum goes out of tune, you don't have to run off to the Pubs kitchen to tune this drum, you just have to give cams a quarter turn and you're back in business.

Buck bodhráns are heavier than many other bodhráns, but well worth the extra weight.

Buck makes other types of traditional drums as well, and their drums & bodhráns come in a variety of sizes and styles, for more info contact:

Buck Musical Instrument Products
40 Sand Rd., New Britain, PA 18901
phone (215) 345-9442

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