"Taking On Water"

Taking On Water was recorded on the evening of Friday, June 11th, 1992 at the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis. It had been years since our first recording and people were threatening us with bodily injury if we didn't come out with a new recording. By this time we had a relatively large following, and some of them were violent so we bowed to the pressure from those people and produced this cassette. This, I think, is our best recording. We recorded three and a half hours of music and patter that evening, and ended up using just under 60 minutes music and 30 or so seconds of patter, so we may find time to mix down the other two hours some day, who knows. On this cassette you will find the one and only reggae version of "Step it out Mary," so watch for it.

Track List:

Side A:

Man O'War

Harvest Home/Boys Of Bluehill

Botany Bay

The Sailors Prayer

John O'Dreams

The Halting March

I Wish They'd Do It Now

Reggae Mary

Side B:

Johnny (I Hardly Knew Yeh)

The Executioner's Jig

The Auld Triangle

Fields Of Athenry

The Queen Of Argyll

Town Of Ballybay

The Fisherman's Song

Health To The Company

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